Television is a most wonderful invention, don’t you think?  I believe most people would agree with that statement.  Television has contributed so many good things to our entertainment, leisure, and education.

However, this most brilliant of inventions has morphed over time into a receptacle of one mindless simplistic, waste-of-air-time, program after another.

The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC), CTV, and Global Television Network are all unapologetically left-wing news organizations who blatantly tailor their newscasts to support anything liberal or as they now like to say, “progressive.”

What they do, in fact, is mislead their viewers or, at the very least, advance a narrative that conforms with their management’s bias.   The sad truth is that the average viewer is just too dumb to be able to separate truth from ideology.  I always thought that at least one of the CRTC’s mandates was to ensure balanced, unbiased news coverage and punish those who violate fairness in broadcasting.  If I am correct, that body has failed miserably and has become nothing more than a lapdog for the left.  Is it little wonder that liberal-leaning political parties form governments in most Canadian provinces?  The great unwashed are easily influenced, their votes purchased by political parties who are shameless experts in buying votes with tax dollars.

While writing this blog, I decided to Google the CRTC and I suggest you do likewise. The representative of Alberta and the Northwest Territories is a failed Liberal Party of Canada candidate. With the exception of the Chair of the CRTC, a career bureaucrat, all other “Commissioners” are women, a situation that if reversed would result in howls of gender discrimination.  As thinking people have realized for a long time, discrimination only exists in and involves certain segments of our society.  I can’t help but wonder what these “commissioners,” who govern what we see and hear, are paid.

Anyway, our not-so-free airwaves are regulated by people who can best be described as government hacks. The end product of their ideology is there for all of us to endure every time we turn on the radio or television.  And the sad part is that we have, over time, come to accept this biased regulatory body and its works as being normal and acceptable.  It is not.  It is, in fact, dangerous and clearly in violation of democratic principles.  But no one seems to give a damn and the masses are quite content to be not so subtly brainwashed by these favoured few.

The United States is little better though.  CBS, NBC, ABC, CNN, MSNBC, and CNBC are nothing more than shills for the Democrat Party, and their advocacy for left-wing causes is shameless. But what the United States has (and which is missing in Canada) is a television network that gives the other side of topical issues.  That network is Fox News, and it is loathed by the other networks, all members of the Democrat Party and dyed-in-the-wool left-wing progressives.  However, like or hate Fox News, it gives its viewers a different perspective on current events in the United States. As a result, Fox has a huge and loyal following which suggests that a very large number of people do not buy into the liberal agenda.

The United States has the Federal Communications Commission, which is similar to the CRTC but more benign.  What both countries must endure, at least for the time being, is the evil being perpetrated by blatant censors of free speech known as Facebook, Twitter, Amazon, and YouTube.  These companies are run by people who can best be described as really rich, really creepy, and really dangerous.  For the moment they exert unsustainable influence over what people can say, hear or read.  This extremely dangerous situation must and will be addressed once the Republicans re-take the two branches of their government. These organizations will, no, must be regulated if free expression of opinion is to survive.

The end result of all of the above is that our airwaves and internet have, over a relatively short period of time, been highjacked by sinister, very rich Marxist ideologues that have become very adept at brainwashing the masses into agreeing with their dangerous philosophies.  The media in both Canada and the United States have been more than willing participants in this plot and their evil deeds will continue until enough thinking people wise up to the deceit and demand change.