“This book is full of wise, practical advice from an experienced lawyer who built one of the most successful law practices in Alberta.”

– A. Webster Macdonald, Jr., Q.C., Senior Counsel, Blake, Cassels & Graydon LLP

– The Business of the Practice of Law

The Essential Steps Required to Establish and Maintain a Successful Firm

Roderick McLeod delivers an honest and practical book relevant to any entrepreneur.  It offers various insights, lessons learned and successful tips for running a successful law firm.


Rose Yanco, B.A., LL.B.

Executive Director, The Law Office Management Association

The Business of the Practice of Law was written for lawyers who want to start and build a law practice and for anyone who is in business providing services to clients. Rod McLeod has synthesized decades of experience into this no-holds-barred book of invaluable business advice for entrepreneurial lawyers. Intertwined with relatable, personal stories from the trenches and backed up with real-life experience, Rod imparts his four Golden Rules for the business of the practice of law: basic business principles key to the long-term success of a firm.

Written in a unique and entertaining style, The Business of the Practice of Law belongs on the bookshelf of anyone who is thinking about or is actively building a law practice or service-based business.


Not only have I read this book, but I have recommended it to many others as well.  It was an enjoyable read and I now catch myself thinking, “What would Rod do?” As a great influencer, Rod paved the way and made it easy for others to build on his work.  Whether you are at the early stage of practicing law, a rising star, or a rainmaker, I encourage all to read this book by this tremendously talented lawyer and marketer.

Vic Vogel

I just finished your book, The Business of the Practice of Law, and I must say, I found it a thoroughly enjoyable read. It’s amazing, from my experience, that so many very intelligent individuals with that entrepreneurial spirit would have so little regard for the “business” side of the business. This book certainly bears that theory out. There are some really fascinating stories in the book. It’s well written, and some amusing anecdotes. Congratulations on a job well done, I hope this is the first of other books you may write.

Dave Hoeght

I read The Business of Law, and in my opinion, having practiced law for 40+ years ( I am now retired) and having been Managing Partner of my own firm for some 10 years, this book should be mandatory reading for all lawyers (and also accountants and other professional advisors) , particularly young lawyers, so they can learn good habits and thereby make a decent living. Yes, people will say it is all common sense, but common sense is not so common.

– James Rust


Although not a lawyer, I found the book to be an excellent approach to managing a small business. I have mentioned it to several friends in this regard and have received thanks from them.

– Trevor Williams


The real Golden Rule–“Do unto others as you would have them do unto you”—perfectly and succinctly gives us a basic guide for successful interpersonal relationships.

While many other things go into ensuring that relationships are successful, these basic eleven words, if adhered to, set the stage for getting along with our fellow humans. I try my best to live by these very wise words even though I do not consider myself a religious person.

Obviously, the Golden Rules I adapted for The Business of the Practice of Law are a takeoff on the biblical version, but if the four simple yet simplistic rules I state below are followed, a lawyer starting his or her own practice should be successful.

  1. Get the legal work in the door.
  2. Do the legal work quickly, efficiently, and well.
  3. Promptly send out a reasonable bill.
  4. Make sure to collect what is owing to you.

While this formula for success is quite straight forward and simple, for too many young lawyers it’s not straight forward and simple at all.

– Excerpt from The Business of the Practice of Law: The Essential Steps Required to Establish and Maintain a Successful Firm