Changing The Culture Of Our Country Without Our Consent

by | Mar 6, 2019 | Immigration

When I was a kid growing up in Ontario (Brockville, Kingston and Kitchener to be exact), and later when I went to Law School in Toronto in the late 60s and lived in Mississauga, things were pretty much as they had always been. Subdivisions comprised of people born in Canada, living alongside immigrants from Eastern and Western Europe, who looked like the rest of us and had many of the same customs, traditions and religious backgrounds.

Then, during Trudeau Senior’s rule, a new immigration policy was introduced to our country. The buzzwords that defined Canada’s new policy going forward were now stated as being the promotion of “equality through diversification.” The idea being, at least as I understood it, that if there was no ethnic majority and people from all over the world were encouraged to immigrate to Canada, equality would be achieved because no one group would dominate numerically.

Canada’s doors were opened wide by Comrade Trudeau and virtually everybody and anybody was invited to come join us. Some of these newcomers were educated professionals or accomplished tradesmen, but too many were not. These folks were free to settle anywhere they so desired in our country. The result, in many instances, was that these immigrants ended up settling where their friends and family, who preceded them, had put down their roots.

Slowly, very slowly, the minorities became the overwhelming majorities in many geographically defined Canadian communities, and because of “chain migration” the situation got much better, or depending on your view point, much worse. Think Richmond, British Columbia, Surrey, British Columbia and Brantford, Ontario to name just three cities in Canada which, in less than one generation, have had their demographics dramatically changed from what they once were. There are others, including a place as large as Vancouver, arguably Canada’s most beautiful city, which has been, for all intents and purposes, sold to the Chinese. Don’t believe me? Take a walk through downtown Vancouver.

Now, before you call me a racist, as many do who cannot counter an argument with a logical rebuttal, the word “racist” is defined as” someone who discriminates against members of any race because of presumed racial inferiority or someone who assumes that any race is superior to another.” Based on that definition, I am certainly not a racist, but I do bemoan the changes that have occurred to a country of which I was once proud. After all is said and done, ask yourself these questions: Who is a Canadian? What distinguishes us from other nations? What makes us unique as a country? We can pat ourselves on the back all we want, but when push comes to shove, we are more like mongrel dogs than a nation of shared values and ideals. But I digress.

I do not think that the various ethnic groups that have come to Canada from far flung parts of the world are inferior. In fact, many immigrants are extremely intelligent, hardworking, accomplished individuals who have become wonderful citizens and make our country a better place to live.

The point I am trying to make is that without our approval or input, the ethnic makeup of some of our home towns has been forever altered without the consent of those who were born there and where their ancestors had lived in for generations. Entire communities, like the cities I mentioned, are perfect examples of these imposed changes to their pre 1970 way of life.

There are now constituencies in Canada where it would be virtually impossible for a native-born Canadian to be elected to any political office regardless of how humble that office may be. Some might just call that a form of systemic racism: you don’t look like me; you do not share my traditions and religious beliefs so I will not vote for you. But because this form of discrimination is practiced by ethnic minorities, for some strange reason it is never considered discriminatory. I suppose the idea is that minorities cannot be racist even when they clearly are.

As a result of the dramatic shift in the makeup of certain cities, existing customs, traditions, religion, language, and their entire way of life have been dramatically altered. As many people moved away from their home towns and left a void, that void was quickly filled by the new ethnic majority. “Equality through diversification” hasn’t, in these instances at least, worked very well, or at all. We have ended up with a form of ghetoization where self imposed segregation, by various ethnic groups, has become the norm and this situation was brought upon us in an insidious manner by our elected officials. Members of the political elite who were much more interested in getting large groups to vote for them as compared to what were the best decisions for the country and its citizens. We were not asked our opinion; the present state of affairs was imposed on us and when we realized what was happening, it was too late for those affected to do anything about it.

Now, even our longstanding institutions have been compromised. Rules and regulations that are supposed to apply to all citizens do not, as various ethnic groups are granted exemptions. Legendary organizations, which over the years have made Canada proud, must change their rules, regulation and dress code to accommodate new Canadians who have religious beliefs and traditions that conflict with ours. In virtually every case, our ultra-politically correct decision-makers have caved in to these demands. The result is a two-tiered citizenry with the majority feeling abused and the minority happy with their success in defeating the established norms and customs of their new-found home. They have not assimilated into the Canadian culture we once had. On the contrary, they have been successful in bringing their customs, language and their way of life, to our country and they now dominate entire communities. Canadians born here are asked to consent to every demand made by these newcomers, regardless of how absurd. The end result is that native-born Canadians, particularly so-called “baby boomers” have been displaced, and our country’s culture is now well past the point of being unalterably changed.

It is no longer “equality through diversification,” but rather a form of tyranny of the minority. And I believe more and more citizens object to the dilution of their culture, exemption from rules for some but not others and concessions being demanded by, and granted to, minorities by politically correct political office holders and mealy mouthed bureaucrats. Those annoying concessions, demanded by immigrants, and agreed to by our ruling class, have resulted in a dramatic change to our culture and our way of life in too many Canadian communities. And that, my friends, is what breeds real, heartfelt racism.

Pierre Trudeau, and now sonny boy, have done more to harm this country, in so many ways, than anyone could have possibly imagined.