National Post Headline “Men on Wall Street are so spooked by the #MeToo Movement they’re avoiding women at all costs”

by | Mar 6, 2019 | #MeToo

Well folks, what did you expect?

Guilty or innocent, the mere allegation is more than enough to ruin a man’s reputation. Some women—the not very nice, vindictive variety—understand this too well. Didn’t get a raise? Didn’t get a big enough bonus? Didn’t get a promotion? Well, “I’ll fix him!”

During the Brett Kavanaugh Senate confirmation debacle, some of the crazier Democrats argued that Justice Kavanaugh was guilty because a woman made the allegation. There was a corresponding obligation for people to believe her and disbelieve him, notwithstanding the fact that the evidence against this good and decent man was so flimsy, and its veracity was so weak as to defy common sense and logic. No clear-thinking, fair-minded person could give the charges any credence at all.

Dr. Ford’s evidence before the US Senate’s Judiciary Committee was, to be as charitable as I possibly can be, generated from the mouth of an obviously troubled person who, I have no doubt, believed her story but her corroboration evidence either dissolved in denials or simply did not exist. She did accomplish one thing, with the help of those holier-than-though Democrats on the committee, and that was she—and they—made total fools of themselves. And in the case of the over-rated Senators on the Committee, how any thinking person could ever bring themselves to vote for these slugs in the future, is beyond me.

Anyway, that type of silly, scurrilous and totally unreliable evidence did, in fact, seriously damage a good man’s reputation and darn near denied him a position on the Supreme Court of the United States. And that denial of a well-deserved appointment almost occurred, solely because some unbalanced woman made outrageous, unsupported allegations against him and the less-than-honest Trump-hating press gave credence to an outrageous and obviously false allegation.

One does not need to be overly bright to understand why “Men on Wall Street are so spooked…” Men on Wall Street would have to be raving idiots not to be spooked when all it takes is one “Fatal Attractions” type of crazy woman to turn a life and career upside down. And who knows who are the good ones, and who are the other kind? One just never knows anymore, so you end up treating all women as if they are potential false accusers and act accordingly.

Now, all of the above being said, there are more than enough men who, through their words and deeds, act like pigs around women. They are, in many cases, the good-looking variety who have had their way with the opposite sex from when they entered puberty. Alternatively, they may be the fat ugly, revolting creatures who, straight up, were never attractive to any female and as a result, compensate by using their economic power and influence to take advantage of women and girls over whom they exert economic or career advancing control. No reasonable person could ever condone the behaviour exhibited by these Don Juans or rich, powerful serial predators of boys, girls, men and women.

The practical problem with the # MeToo movement is that it has turned on itself. The very people it was designed to help, by exposing sexual predators, has backfired because of the antics of a minority of “sisters,” who are a bit more than off kilter in their thinking. The end result is that the credibility of all accusers is attacked whether the accusations are legitimate or not.

Of course, the unintended consequences of this movement is that women are going to pay a dear price because, like it or not, in most areas of business and business related enterprises, men call the shots. And if anyone thinks that these guys are going to risk having their lives ruined, and their families lost, on the whim of some disgruntled female employee, they are kidding themselves.

And, really, who can blame them.