This blog will definitely not be embraced by the rabid, politically correct, left lib crazies who have hijacked our news outlets and most political parties, not just the Liberal Party.  The Conservatives, too gutless to take a strong position on virtually any, even slightly controversial issue, in fear they might alienate some relatively small percentage of the voting population, have employed a “bite your lip” philosophy when they very well know that their base wants them to take a stance, one way or the other.

There are many examples, but I will just concentrate on two that I find particularly annoying.

Alphabet Groups

Personally, I do not give a hoot that gays, lesbians, transsexuals or any other individual, or group of individuals, wish to express their sexual preferences in a way that varies from traditional definitions, practice or thinking.  I just do not give a hoot.  It is none of my business; I just don’t care. 

Their viewpoints are not shared by me, but heaven forbid I should present an opposing point of view, or just ask questions about what these folks are advocating.  If you do either of those things, you are labeled a bigot, a homophobe, a dinosaur, a red neck, a deplorable.  If you complain about traffic snarls during the various parades these groups hold, in my view far too often, you are shunned. You are expected to be inconvenienced and shut up about it.  Should you complain, you are labelled nothing more than an insensitive Neanderthal, who just doesn’t understand the new world order in which we live, where criticizing any group that embraces something contrary to conventional thinking, is forbidden. 

The guarantee of free speech has long ago vanished, high jacked by vocal minorities who have become used to getting their way.  Any alternate point of view is no longer deemed “free” speech but has been replaced by the allegation of “hate” speech. The opinions of our far-left-leaning judiciary continually falls on the side of those who revel in labeling those who oppose their views, or their life styles, as participating in illegal hate speech when really what they are doing is advancing a contrary opinion that is based on their faith or personal point of view.

Our governments have succumbed to the demands of these groups, and have empowered law enforcement officials to do anything and everything in their power to eradicate any opinion that has been deemed illegal.  The thought police are sitting on the sidelines just waiting for a complaint to be lodged, and a criminal or quasi-criminal charge to be laid, so as to satisfy the demands of minority groups and, with great effect, keep free speech in check.

As you have no doubt gathered, I am part of the majority heterosexual group in our Western society. From what we see in the movies, on television, and in the print and electronic news media, one could reasonably think that we “straight folk” are, in fact, in the minority. Our group does not parade; our group does not lay charges with the thought police when we are criticized.  Our group does not wear outrageous and seductive clothing boarding on being obscene, flaunt our sexuality, and dye our hair a rainbow of various bright colours to attract attention, or consider our point of view paramount on virtually any subject.  We go about our business in a quiet way, most times suppressing our thoughts when too often inconvenienced by these minority groups aided and abetted by politicians who readily sell their souls for a vote or two.  So these phonies enthusiastically join any movement to show that they are the most progressive of candidates.  And heaven forbid that anyone seeking public office does not put on their marching shoes and join the movement.  Should an incumbent, or aspiring office holder, decline an invitation to march in one parade or another, for whatever reason, the accusations start from the left, and the media are only too pleased to pile on because, you see, members of the media, regardless of what they allege, are more progressive than the progressives and, unfortunately, not bright enough to disguise their preferences.

In the last decade, our society has been turned upside down.  Being different from the norm has become a badge of honour.  Demands are made by, and granted to, these minority groups and the majority members of society are bullied into accepting whatever oddball demand is advanced.  And when our elected officials comply with one demand, a new more outrageous additional demand is then advanced and the dance escalates and continues into a form of obscenity.

The problem with all of this is that the majority is a silent majority who have chosen to keep their views quiet.  In part, as noted above, they are reluctant to be branded bigots, racists, or right-wing zealots.  As a result, the majority stay quiet except, perhaps, when it comes to expressing their true feelings and their views on controversial issues to their closest friends and relatives.  And from my experience, what is portrayed as normal and acceptable behaviour by those who try and control our thoughts, is not at all shared by the majority. There is a distinct, but quiet, undercurrent of opposition to what is occurring.

At the moment, the social pendulum has swung dramatically to the left.  However, history shows that there often is an event, or events, which cause the pendulum to swing back to the right and should that, or those events occur, there are segments of our society who, I predict, will not enjoy the result.

Omar Khadr

Omar Khadr was a member of a fanaticized terrorist family who, unbelievably, and for reasons known only to some flunky, gray-faced, bureaucrat in Ottawa, was granted Canadian citizenship. This family then procreated several children, of which Omar was but one. This upstanding member of the Canadian family then left his homeland, and in the company of his well-known terrorist, Canadian family, went to the Middle East to wreak havoc on those opposed to the ideology of the bloodthirsty, incredibly cruel members of the Islamic State.  In fact, on behalf of the cause, young Omar was charged and plead guilty to lobbing a grenade at a US armed forces medic, Sgt. Christopher Speer, killing the man. 

Omar was captured and turned over to the United States military. He was incarcerated at the US military base and prison located at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba.  Omar pleaded guilty to the charges against him but subsequently recanted his guilty pleas alleging mistreatment and torture while in US custody at Guantanamo, allegations which are denied by the United States government. However, because he pleaded guilty to five separate charges, including murder, I can only take Omar at his word that he did, in fact, commit the crimes with which he was charged. 

What followed was a deafening outcry from the most annoying, left lib loons in both Canada and the United States, and poor Khadr was ultimately released to spend the remainder of his sentence for killing a man, an United States army medic who was in the process of trying to help injured combatants, possibly on both sides of the conflict, when Khadr threw the grenade.

Omar’s plight was quickly embraced by the Canadian media and virtually all members of that lemming-like industry hammered us, virtually daily, about the abhorrent treatment that the United States Government was inflicting on this poor, downtrodden, Canadian citizen, Khadr.  For me and I know, many other native Canadians, the outrage was not shared.  We did not consider Khadr, and members of this terrorist family, legitimate Canadians.  In fact, had the admission of his parents to Canada been put to a vote, Omar’s creepy, criminal, terrorist parents would never had been admitted to Canada in the first place.

Virtually as soon as Khadr returned to Canada, a lawyer was retained (or offered his/her services, probably on a contingency fee basis) and the Canadian government was sued for millions of dollars because the Canadian government violated the rights of a “Canadian” citizen by turning him over to one of our allies to be punished for killing the aforesaid medic.

If you are alive and breathing, you are aware that the unbelievably inept Trudeau government settled Omar’s action by paying him $10,500,000.

So here we have it, a terrorist family gains admission to our country for reasons that elude anyone with just average intelligence and these so-called “Canadians” then leave our country to fight with our enemy and Omar proceeds to kill a United States soldier, a medic. Khadr is then, at the request of the US, turned over to them, tried, plead guilty and incarcerated.  There was an outcry over our government of Sunny Ways allowing such a travesty to occur where the United States was allowed to treat a “Canadian” in such a manner.  Khadr is delivered back to Canada where he is supposed to spend the rest of his sentence in a Canadian jail and do so at the expense of real Canadians.  That soon changed when Khadr got “home” and his lawyers jumped all over the alleged shoddy manner in which the killer was treated.  His do-gooder, probably contingency fee-driven, mouthpieces quickly sued the federal government for something like 20 million dollars and then, almost as quickly, settled the action for a mere $10,500,000, as above noted.  The government of Sunny Ways tried to keep the settlement amount secret, for obvious reasons, but the settlement agreement was leaked and Justin is now in the process of trying his best to justify the unjustifiable.

What I want to point out is that I am confident that the vast majority of Canadians both are appalled by the amount of the settlement and the fact that the basis of the settlement was that Khadr was an abused Canadian citizen and our government was complicit in the abuse.

I will never consider this clown, or members of his family, to be entitled to enjoy the benefits of Canadian Citizenship.  He denounced that designation on the battlefield when he killed a person who was a non-combatant doing the heroic, yet thankless, job medics are called upon to do, trying to save lives.

Allowing Omar and his family to become citizens in the first place is an event that true citizens of this country should, forever, hold the current Liberal Government to account.  This entire Khadr affair sickens me and makes me embarrassed to be a Canadian.  I can only hope that this sad episode is recalled by members of the Canadian electorate when they go to the polls in about six months.

As a postscript, I read that Khadr used some of the blood money he received from Canadian taxpayers to buy a strip shopping centre, presumably as an investment. When I read that piece in the local newspaper, I could not help but wonder what the wife of the slain medic and her family thought when they saw how Khadr was treated by the Canadian government, the supposed ally of her husband’s army.  And some wonder why President Trump treats our government officials with such contempt!

Don’t we live in a wonderful country where this type of unmitigated travesty is allowed to occur?  Anybody who would vote for a Liberal candidate after reviewing the Khadr story is just too stupid to be allowed to vote in the first instance.  It is said that we get the government we deserve.  However, no one deserves what we have had to endure over the past few years.

To conclude, I am sick and tired of the state and its lackeys infringing on my comparatively harmless opposition to thought control.  Like everyone else, I have an opinion on many things and as long as I do not advocate violence or harm to others, I should be allowed to express my views and objections, to what some would like us to believe is not only acceptable behaviour but behaviour that, too often seems like it is rolled into a ball and squished in our collective faces. We are expected to be quiet and like it, whether it be the antics of the LBGT Community or those trying to convince us that a faux Canadian who killed an innocent man is entitled to be rewarded and live his remaining years in Canada as a wealthy man when he should be languishing in a jail someplace or experiencing a worse fate.  To me, Khadr will never, ever, be a Canadian and shame on the morons occupying positions of authority within the Canadian government who allowed this travesty to occur in the first place.

My message is, do not be a cowering coward; stand up for your values and say what is on your mind.  Do not let others bully you into accepting what your conscience dictates is unacceptable, and do not let those who dominate our media, control your freedom of thought and the right to express those thoughts in words and deeds.