Events Cry Out for Some Sort of Societal Reset

by | Apr 28, 2023 | Politically Incorrect, Wokeism

Myriad events in our world foretell an unhappy ending for humanity.  We are being indoctrinated to accept events and ideas–which had they been advanced but a very few years ago would have been laughed out of existence–and those advocating for this foolishness would, at the very least, have been scorned.  Today, we are brow-beaten by a very small but vocal and well-organized group of lunatics to accept so-called norms, even though our logic screams that these ideas are a precursor to a very bleak future 

What follows is my attempt to itemize, identify and then discuss just a few of the once-idiotic ideas now being passed on as mainstream.  And the really scary part is that should we dissent or object, the vocal, minority mob dictates that we shall face ridicule, be called disparaging names, be subject to violence, or worse.

Men identify as women and want to compete in various sporting events against biological women.  Biological women want to be men and insist they be treated like men. Corporate America and the US military succumb to the nonsense, promoting a man identifying as a woman to the rank of Admiral, while Budweiser puts the likeness of a queer man identifying as a young girl on a beer can (a beer product I used to drink; Coors will be my new choice, and I hope thousands will follow).

The rabid left is doing what they do best when logic escapes them:  prohibit those with different points of view from speaking at universities and other venues across the country while regularly resorting to violence and doing so with impunity and without fear of being arrested, called to account, or incarcerated.

Universities are being highjacked by progressive professors and their indoctrinated followers, who are spouting left-wing hate speech from their ivory towers, while college administrators succumb to the pressure by allowing this nonsense to continue without consequences.

Even in the face of out-of-control Antifa-inspired mob violence along with smash-and-grab robberies by obvious members of minority groups, there is a refusal to call them out for who they are lest we offend the sensibilities of a gender or a race. This abdication of any form of responsibility gives licence to the anarchists to continue their mayhem free of any fear of being called to account.  This is what you call government-sanctioned anarchy where law-abiding people bow to the fear of the mob.

Tent city camps for the homeless have sprung up in virtually all major North American cities. These camps act as a cover for drugs to be sold and ingested in the open, while police watch but do absolutely nothing to disperse this societal scourge.  Besides the wide-open use of illegal substances, these enclaves become bases for other forms of criminal activity perpetrated against innocent, law-abiding citizens going about their daily business, all the while dodging human excrement deposited by these mostly mentally ill individuals.  And what do virtually all Mayors, Chiefs of Police, Crown Prosecutors, District Attorneys, and our Courts in these cities do?  The answer is a revealing “very little,” and–heaven forbid–we are so politically incorrect as to complain about squalor and homelessness, lest we incur the sanctimonious rath of the left.

Does anyone believe that the problems I have noted are going to change?  Can you think of anyone who is putting forward solutions to this terminal nonsense?  Does anyone think this hideous state of affairs is ever going to change? Does anyone truly think that we will return to a time when we are not afraid to go downtown at night or use public transit without fear?  Do you really think that members of various ethnic groups will cease looking for handouts from a government-funded by those who actually give as opposed to those who take? Or that elected officials will stop bowing to the demands of these insatiable malcontents who blame their pathetic lives on others? Do you really like living in this new world where biological women are men and biological men are women?  Where our media has been completely highjacked by ridiculous members of left-wing zealots? 

Is this a world where you can honestly argue that our society will be better for our children and grandchildren than it was for those of us in our sixth, seventh, or eighth decade?  Can we even imagine the difficulties our offspring will face?  Are they about to inherit a world where their lives are made miserable by sadness, abuse, hunger, corrupt totalitarian governments, and incompetent bought-and-paid-for government officials, police departments, and the judiciary?

Do you really think this is a world that deserves to survive?

So, what is the solution?  I do not see a solution.  In fact, I predict things will get much worse.  Politicians who show any common sense are harassed and denigrated while the protectors of extreme bad behavior do whatever is necessary to buy the votes needed to perpetuate society’s decline into the abyss, led by raving incompetents supported by thoughtless idiots.

At the moment (and not surprisingly), various totalitarian countries smell weakness in Western leaders, in particular the Biden-led United States.  They have begun to saber-rattle. While Russia’s invasion of Ukraine is an awful state of affairs for the Ukrainian people, that act alone is not a threat to the West. Russia’s GDP is less than that of Texas.

However, the real danger is the leadership of a certain country–leadership that is watching closely the above-noted, sad state of governance in the West.  That sinister and dangerous country is China.  Have you seen video footage of their army marching in parade?  To any thoughtful, objective person, these dangerous-looking men and women mean business, and I am pretty sure the Chinese are not teaching their troops critical race theories as is advocated by the silly man who is the head of The Joint Chiefs of Staff of the US military.

I have no idea when it will happen, but the catastrophic event predicted by some as being the catalyst to shock the entire world back into a form of sanity seems to be on our doorstep, and the price we will pay shall be enormous.  However, it is the dear price I am afraid we must pay as a cleansing agent to get our world back to a state of sanity and far away from the nonsense that is bombarding our senses, day after day, exacerbating the nation-destroying, above-described societal rot.