Madness Alive and Well in the United States of America

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It amazes me that a poster boy for a “before” WeightWatchers commercial–a not very bright District Attorney–can throw a country into chaos to feed the left-wing, crazy lunatics’ insatiable demands for the blood of those who oppose their silly bugger ideology.

While Joe Biden and his pathetic son, Hunter, sell favours to foreign adversaries of the United States–and do so totally free of being called to account (so far)–former President Trump has been viciously attacked, primarily by the left-wing nut bar media.  Two phony impeachments and now this.  The annoying cast and audience of TV’s “The View” are wallowing in all of this drama and fully enjoying every moment of a pathetic witch hunt. 

But the girls of The View are far from being alone in their quest to bring the former President down by any means possible. So-called late-night “comics” had a field day when the indictment against Donald Trump was announced.  Johnny Carson must be spinning in his grave as these silly men try their hardest to be funny. Their smug comments, and the fact a small minority of people bother to hang on to their cute words at all, are evidence supporting the argument that the United States is in rapid free fall.  These people are just not funny.  They are failures at their craft, yet they have no hesitation to bad mouth a person for whom they are not even qualified to carry his briefcase.

Many other self-defined celebrities have jumped on the anti-Trump bandwagon as well.  Those appearing on virtually all mainstream media channels pander to their base by vilifying the former president at every opportunity while totally disregarding the fact that over 70 million people voted for the man. And does anyone with a brain really believe that a nincompoop like Joe Biden, a walking cadaver campaigning out of his basement, received 80 million legitimate votes in the 2020 presidential election?  Really, do you believe that the American voter is that stupid?  Does anyone wonder what Stacy Abrams was up to during the election cycle?

While former President Trump is abused over and over again, a foolish man and his low-end family are given a green light to do whatever they want in their desire to make millions of dollars on the backs of their fellow citizens.  And they participate in these illegal acts and do so with impunity while being propped up by the evildoers in the media, a politicized judiciary populated by dimwits and government agencies that have become partisan jokes.

All of this would be fine, I guess, if stealing money were the only sin. However, with the rise of China and its cozy new relationship with Russia, much more is at stake than the Biden family enriching themselves.  Pause and take a critical look at the cabinet this dithering old president has put together to govern the affairs of Americans and keep them safe.  Let’s take a look at these buffoons and then you can go out and buy a year’s supply of sleep aids because after we review these political hangers-on, I suspect you will have some legitimate difficulty falling asleep in the face of what will surely be impending doom.

President Joe Biden:  Joe is a foolish man who has spent more than a lifetime at the political trough. In the process, he has become a very wealthy man on the coattails of the citizens he purports to hold dear. How did he do this while on the salary of a civil servant? The man was never very bright, but now that senility has entered the equation, the West is in serious trouble. This compromised fellow has made, and will continue to make, decisions that put all of humankind in jeopardy, best illustrated by the members of his so-called Cabinet, hand-picked to give him advice and counsel.

Vice-President Harris:  Now here we have a real beauty.  I am having difficulty finding the adjectives to describe this woman.  Her moronic laugh and inability to even read a speech in public speak volumes about this lady’s competence.  In an earlier blog, I described her as being a “fool”; since that time, she has not improved her status in my mind. In fact, she has gotten worse.

Tragically, this silly woman, another Harvard graduate, could very well end up being the President of the United States should Biden die before his first term is up.  I suspect there would be a groundswell to keep Joe on life support for as long as necessary to keep Kamala as far away from the Oval Office as possible while those with slightly more intelligence run the country.  There is precedent for such an event, as was the case with President Woodrow Wilson.  His wife, who was more than a bit of a shrew, had great influence over government policies for the last 18 months of Wilson’s presidency as he struggled with impairment resulting from a stroke.

Anthony Blinken, Secretary of State: If you can believe it, old Pencil Neck, a career bureaucrat, is just behind Harris for ascendance to the Presidency should Joe and Kamala die. In fact, his entire family has, in one way or another, lived off the American government and its people. The funny thing is, I doubt the average American has any idea that this war-supporting wienie could ascend to the Presidency of the United States should Joe and Kamala pass before their terms of office expire.  Tony is also a Harvard graduate.

Janet Yellen, Secretary of the Treasury: Inflation is “transitory” she said.  And literally within weeks, inflation in the United States was soaring to heights we had not seen since the 1980s.  This goofy woman and the Chairman of the Federal Reserve appear to have disregarded Economics 101 by raising the bank rate…over and over again to tame inflation while staying mum on Biden’s out-of-control spending on all kinds of vote-buying schemes. Had Biden attended a first-year economics class, he would have known that inflation cannot be contained and lowered by increasing interest rates alone.  Monetary policy must be accompanied by prudent government spending, and Biden refuses to give up this tried-and-true vote-buying scheme where the masses are promised all kinds of “stuff” that the country can no longer afford.  More money is printed and recklessly spent, and the Great Unwashed cheer.  They cheer until they go to the grocery stores, the gas station, or when they pay to heat or cool their homes.

It seems obvious that Janet Yellen has absolutely no idea about what she is doing.  If she does know, she has become a willing participant in Biden’s folly.  It is clear, like her boss, Yellen’s best-before date has long since passed.

Alejandro Mayorkas, Secretary of Homeland Security: Besides his boss, this guy may very well turn out to be the most dangerous government official in the history of the United States.  His total, absolute incompetence will take generations to undo as this annoying, stupid man has opened the United States’ southern border to any and all evildoers who want to attack the country from within. This pathetic individual, the poster boy for incompetent bureaucrats, is in a position to do awful harm to the United States.  And no one in higher authority seems to give a damn as this most annoying of men does his very best to ruin his adopted country.

Lloyd Austin, Secretary of Defense: Secretary Austin seems like a nice man.  However, the question must be asked: did he get the most crucial of government jobs because of his superior qualifications, or did he get the job because of his skin colour? In this age of “wokeness”, regrettably, that question must be asked. If the Secretary got the job for the latter reason, Biden is playing a very dangerous game, literally gambling with the lives of all Americans and the rest of the free world to show what a loyal, raving liberal he truly is.

Secretary Austin would gain much credibility if he immediately fired the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, an odd fellow who seems to have singlehandedly destroyed the morale of existing members of the US military.  Critical race theory and sanctioned drag queen events on various bases, events that Secretary Austin was not aware of, have bowed to the demands of demented individuals who being a soldier takes on secondary importance.

Merrick Garland, Attorney General: This man has been a Democratic Party flunky from day one. From intimidating mothers and fathers attending school board meetings with threats of prosecution to refusing to charge obnoxious, loud, disrespectful violators of a federal law designed to prohibit the intimidation of, among others, Supreme Court of the United States Justices, this pathetic man has been nothing more than a stooge to the Biden administration.  He has been an embarrassment to every fair-minded jurist in the entire free world who respects the rule of law.  However, he fits right in with his inept colleagues in Biden’s cabinet.

Jennifer Granholm, Secretary of Energy, and Pete Buttigieg, Secretary of Transportation, simply do not deserve separate attention.  Jennifer is but a lackey for the far-left energy policies demanded by the extreme elements of the Democratic Party.  She is the definition of an “empty skirt–a compliant “yes woman” who history will deem to be an irrelevant failure.

Our “check-all-the-boxes” Buttigieg reeks of incompetence.  While the American supply chain was in chaos, where was Pete? Well, Pete is a proud homosexual. He and his husband/wife (I am not sure which) adopted twin babies. To recuperate from such a physically demanding event, Pete took two months off for maternity leave.  Pete didn’t appear to give one hoot about the chaos going on with the national supply chain and the resulting hardships being endured by people who relied on the free flow of goods for their daily life requirements. What is even more astounding is that this clown is touted by some to be the next Democrat Party nominee for President of the United States. If that happens, what will his boyfriend be called, “first man” or “first woman”?

The remainder of the Cabinet isn’t worth commenting on, but suffice it to say they are no more impressive than the ones described above.

I have tried to express my absolute astonishment that a cabal of bungling idiots have maneuvered themselves into positions where they can do serious damage to their employers, the citizens of the United States. But more importantly, (at least from this Canadian’s perspective), they can do serious damage to the world and all of humankind. While this calamity is unfolding, and unfolding at such a dangerous time, what are the governors of American affairs doing?  Well, they are about to charge the former President of the United States with alleged crimes that the majority of sensible, non-left-wing, crazy zealots deem to be outrageous.

History will look back on these times with complete, total incredulity. And, I predict, Donald Trump, much to the chagrin of the left, will be vindicated.


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