Climate Change—The One Sided Debate

by | Mar 18, 2019 | Climate Change | 10 comments

According to what the media tells us, the majority of scientists—presumably those with expertise in the climate change area of study—are of the unalterable view that humans, through their dependence on fossil fuel, and the resulting CO2 pollution, are causing the temperature on the earth’s surface to increase to dangerous levels. The matter, according to the “experts,” is no longer open to debate, and unless we deal with the problem immediately, our planet is doomed.

Some politicians in the United States, albeit inexperienced and not very bright legislators, have advised that we have twelve years to fix the problem or the earth will be doomed. And, of course, the majority of the members of the press nod in agreement. In fact, it has become almost sacrilegious to even ask questions of the basis for the statements being made by the likes of the twelve-year alarmists. We have twelve years or we are doomed! And don’t you dare ask where that kind of precise prognostication came from, and what evidence there is to support such fear mongering. The climate change debate is over, finished. No one is allowed to question the hypothesis of the climate change advocates.

I have no idea whether these global warming alarmists are right or wrong. I do know that the so-called “Progressives” in the political world have embraced the global warming idea and have been quick to introduce measures to increase taxes on carbon emissions. They will use this increased tax revenue, so we are told, to subsidize industries wanting to introduce alternative forms of energy through wind, solar and hydro power. Of course, companies involved in these alternate energy sources are very happy to accept whatever monies our governments are prepared to donate to their cause. In fact, literally billions of dollars in Canada and the United States have been wasted on failed alternate energy ideas that have not come close to working as efficient alternatives to energy derived from fossil fuels.

I believe the biggest problem the climate change advocates have is that those out in front of the movement are not likeable people, and have used this fear mongering to, as they say, “feather their own nests” to the degree that their credibility has been lost. The average guy just does not believe their warnings. Too many climate change proponents are looked upon as being nothing more than charlatans. They have used this movement for their own enrichment and to carry on a lifestyle totally inconsistent with what they want the rest of us to do.

The likes of Al Gore, Hillary Clinton, David Suzuki and scores of Hollywood types all embrace the climate change fears as long as they can continue to own multiple houses and automobiles, and to fly around the world on private aircraft, all the while, in Gore and Suzuki’s cases, profiting from their preaching of pending doom. Thinking people will consider these phonies as unlikeable hypocrites. The average guy thinks to himself, “If these people are advocates of climate change, it just has to be a scam.”

There is no middle ground with these promoters of fear. They are right, proponents of the use of fossil fuels are wrong, the debate is over, and anyone who disagrees is an idiot. It is the typical liberal way. Don’t debate. Shut down the other side’s arguments by raising your voice to a shrill, call opponents derogatory names, talk over those who have the gall to disagree and, in general, only surround yourself with like-minded people who enjoy nothing more than drinking each other’s bath water. Think CNN, MSNBC and most of the main stream media.

As noted above, I have no idea who is correct in this debate, but I do know which side I like and which side I respect as forthright, honest, decent people and whose arguments I tend to believe.


  1. Hugh Swinton

    Well done Rod, although I don’t believe for a minute that you don’t know who it right. You could definitely get paid for such insightful writing. Cheers Hugh

    • Rod McLeod

      Thank you for your kind remarks.
      Getting these things off my chest is therapeutic whether or not my blogs are widely read.
      I appreciate you taking the time to comment.

  2. Mr Vance

    An excellent book to provide insights and a back drop to the ‘Climate Change’ activists, written by fellow Canadian Michael Hart, is ‘Hubris’, which explores the troubling science, economics and politicians of climate change.
    The Amazon prėcis is as follows:
    “This book explores problems and issues that have emerged in national and international discussion of policies to address climate change. It concludes that every solution put forward by the UN and activists poses more problems than might ever emerge from the marginal human impact on natural climate change. Rather than mitigation, governments should focus on adaptation. As is, climate change discussions have become captive of a utopian agenda that is using climate change as a stalking horse to drive alarm in the hope that it will convince governments to act.”

    Just try to find Hubris in Nenshi’s new shining glory downtown library (or anywhere else in the Calgary library system for that matter), and it Is like looking for the needle in the proverbial haystack. I’m sure it has been banned.
    But if you are fortunate enough to get your hands on a copy, it will provide you with several valuable insights on how to argue (perhaps I should say ‘discuss’) Anthropogenic Global Warming with Envronmental Ministers, ex-Premiers of Alberta, or neighbors that have been swayed by the media.

    One last comment. Tipper Gore tried to get Ice-T’s rap album “Rhyme Pays” banned. Thank gawd they toned her down due to her hubby’s campaign for office. I cannot imagine how much colder our province would be with out our ability to sing and dance to rap songs. It’s cold enough as it is.

    • Roderick McLeod

      Hi Bagger:
      Thank you for your reply.
      Notwithstanding the Hollywood, so called “stars”, representatives of that cesspool of bureaucracy called the United Nations and that silly young, mouthy, know it all, former bartender and current Democratic Congresswoman from Brooklyn New York and their scare tactics concerning alleged global warming, I am becoming more convinced with each passing day, and ever increasing hysterical comments from the these people, that the whole thing is a hoax.
      I have listened to really qualified people debunk the climate change, CO2 caused argument. However, in typical conduct of the closed minded, bully boy left, this issue is no longer up for debate and their quasi-communist friends in the media refuse to even consider counter, and in my view really logical arguments, against the projected Armageddon.
      I cannot help but wonder what these people will say a decade from now when they wake up in the morning and life will be exactly like it is today. I wonder what excuses they will offer for being dead wrong fear mongers.

  3. Darrell Gilkes

    You are right-on Rod. I also agree to what Hugh has commented on. Keep up the insight.

  4. Darrell Gilkes

    You are right-on Rod. I totally agree with Hugh’s comment.

    • Roderick McLeod

      Thank you Darrell, you are very kind.
      I am sorry for the delay in responding to your comment but because I am bordering on being computer illiterate, it has taken my editor some time to train me to be able to reply to comments from folks like you. I am really enjoying the interaction with those who agree with me and those ill-informed folks who do not (just kidding).
      The best,

  5. Hugh Swinton

    It is amazing to me that so many well educated smart people are buying into the global warming bull shit. Could it be something in the water

  6. Ernie Crooks

    Climate Change. The uneducated voter will always let fear override Science. In my opinion you have nailed this issue right on. Good work.

    • Rod McLeod

      Thank you for taking the time to comment on my blog. We can only hope that sanity takes hold in the climate change debate before all western countries become economic basket cases as we bow down to the alter of “woke”.
      When things get tough enough, provided it is not too late, the loons on the left will wake up. Maybe.


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