I must admit that I am having a very hard time coming to grips with the apparent result of the United States Presidential election.  For over 75,000,000 people to vote for a candidate who is so obviously ill is more than difficult for me to understand, especially when I consider what has occurred in the United States over the last four years and how those events have been examined.

Before I get more involved in explaining how I think this calamity happened, I would like to make a prediction, and it is this: subsequent revelations will reveal that Donald Trump did, in fact, win the 2020 presidential election.  The problem he faces is that the Democratic Party election fraud will take too long to confirm and the various Democrat-controlled states will, as quickly as possible, ratify/certify the results and confirm the dithering Democrat Party presidential nominee as the next President of the United States.   The Presidential mantle will pass initially to Biden but, practically speaking, the real recipient of the most powerful political office in the world will at some point in the next four years, be handed to an unqualified woman with a hideous laugh who could never in one hundred years be elected President of the United States on her own.  This sad state of affairs will probably occur before evidence of the election “fix” is uncovered.  The fault will be found in the huge number of ballots that were mailed in, and computer calculations of the mail-in ballots.

Among his many qualities of leadership, President Trump has keen instincts.  He was vilified by the majority of media outlets when he accused the Democrats of spying on his campaign.  He was absolutely right, and the dishonest members of the electronic and print media were shown to be in the tank for their Democrat Party masters.  I believe his allegation of widespread voter fraud in this election will ultimately be proven to be true and when that occurs, the ramifications could be, to say the least, unpleasant.

The reason I make this prediction is that the Democrat Party in the United States has a history of voter fraud and criminal interference in elections.  It happened in Texas thanks to the Lyndon Johnson machine, which delivered the 1960 Presidential election to John Kennedy; Lyndon was helped a great deal by the Richard Daley machine in Chicago.  There are other examples.  Democrats cheat and when they do not get their way, their response is to riot, burn, loot and in general, create mayhem.  Spoiled brats and petulant children are descriptors that quickly come to mind.

For 75 million people to support an obviously flawed candidate, backed up by an unqualified woman, is really hard to understand.  Yet, look at some of the Democrats who got re-elected to the House of Representatives:  Adam Schiff, a bare-faced pathological liar who tried to make a name for himself by advancing outrageous, untrue allegations against a sitting president;  Schiff, that very creepy and dislikable fellow, has his eye on the California Senate seat when Diane Feinstein finally goes away or Kamala becomes Vice-President; Maxine Waters, a Black Congresswoman (we are told we must capitalize the ”B” in Black from now on for reasons I am having difficulty understanding but is but another example of runaway “wokeness”) from California who advocated impeaching President Trump even before he was sworn into office and advocated for her supporters to harass Republicans where ever they found them.  That nonsense was supported by a bird-brain Congressman from Texas named Al Green.  From what I can tell, advocating the impeachment of the President and appearing on the “View” is Waters’ only accomplishment as an elected official other than becoming incredibly wealthy while her constituents remain poor as church mice, and   Jerold Nadler, a New York Congressman who orchestrated the misguided impeachment of President Trump.  Nadler is if you pay any attention to politics in the United States, a dullard who has been at the government trough for far too long.  Who are the people who consistently return people like Nadler to positions of authority?  I could go on and on and on. One just has to wonder what the average IQ is of those who continue to vote these pathetic, unqualified people to office.

One advantage citizens have of watching these various Congressional and Senate hearings on television is that we get to see and assess for ourselves the quality of the individuals holding elected office. With the exception of a small minority, the bar for quality continues to be far too low.  It is really sad to see a wonderful country like the United States being subjected to the likes of those I have mentioned and too many others I could easily name in both political parties, but in particular, the disingenuous members of the Democrat Party.

Immediately following Donald Trump’s announcement that he was running for President of the United States representing the Republican Party, the entire United States media began to cover his every move.  To them, he was an oddity, a sideshow and they gave him tremendous air time.  The media wasn’t worried; Hillary Clinton was going to be the next president, but this oddball guy from New York who was rough and gruff and attracted large crowds was newsworthy.  They used Donald Trump for their own benefit and lo’ and behold, he surprised everyone when the “deplorables” in the United States turned Hillary Clinton aside.  In hindsight, that was not all that hard to do as Ms. Clinton was an awful candidate and more than easy to dislike.  And she has not changed in the last four years. 

Now, surprise, surprise the so-called mainstream media helped engineer the biggest political upset in a century.  They were complicit in getting Donald Trump elected to the presidency of the United States.  What had they done?  That was not scripted to happen.  He was only supposed to be a foil–a stooge—to go a few rounds with Hillary and then take a dive.  Donald Trump surprised all but a few reporters at Fox News, Conservative radio hosts, and over sixty million fellow citizens.

Once reality set in after the 2016 election, the big-boy media types decided to bring President Trump down and how they did it was irrelevant. Cheating, lying, false stories, despicable allegations by slimy politicians and talking heads were all acceptable.  Hell, even the FBI and the CIA were recruited to do what they could to manufacture evidence that was leaked to the media in an effort to discredit a sitting president.  What this revealed was a government infiltrated by evil people who let it be known via emails that were uncovered, they would use their positions of authority to do whatever it took to destroy Donald Trump and his presidency!

A deputy Attorney General, who I believe was part of the anti-Trump cabal from day one, appointed a special prosecutor to investigate whether or not Donald Trump colluded with the Russians to affect the outcome of the 2016 Presidential Election. The investigators were rabid, ultra left-wing, biased Democrat-sympathetic lawyers who spent over two years and about $50,000,000 to find absolutely nothing.  In fact, when Mr. Mueller of the Mueller Report fame gave evidence to a Congressional committee, it was more than evident that he was suffering from the same malady that is now present in the cognitive abilities of the President-Elect.  Mueller didn’t even understand, nor could he coherently explain nor defend, the content of his report.

The Mueller investigation was a farce, an outrage, and a crime on the American people.

Almost one day after President Trump was exonerated, a “whistleblower” came forward to announce that he witnessed an improper phone call between President Trump and the newly elected President of Ukraine.    There was, however, a transcript of the call which the Democrats, led by the despicable Adam Schiff, used as a basis to impeach the President.  The entire proceedings in the House of Representatives were, in a word, pathetic–a total farce. However, the mainstream media and their unlikeable on-air windbags grabbed onto this farce and gave these proceedings 24/7 coverage.  They didn’t care if Schiff’s/ Nadler’s allegations were true or not. This gave them the opportunity to undo what they had inadvertently helped to create.  Their dishonest reporting was their mea culpa for their initial coverage of Donald Trump.

Of course, President Trump was found guilty by a vote along party lines, but at the follow-up Senate trial, he was, and rightfully so, acquitted.

While all of this traitorous nonsense was going on, President Trump continued to work for those who had elected him and every other American.  He cut taxes, he stopped illegal immigration at the southern border, he got rid of cumbersome, bureaucratic regulations which resulted in common sense things getting done quickly. He made the United States energy independent by opening up federal land to exploration and once again allowing fracking and the mining of clean coal.  He held the feet of NATO members to the fire and shamed them into living up to the financial commitments they had ignored for years (Canada being one of the main offenders) and he pulled out of climate change boondoggles that harmed U.S. working families. And most importantly, after all others had failed miserably, he was the architect of a possible peace agreement in the Middle East that finally recognized the right of Israel to exist.  These are just a few of the things President Trump accomplished while being harassed daily throughout his tenure by members of the Democratic Party and their media whores.  One can only speculate what this gifted fellow could have accomplished with but a modicum of cooperation from the Democrats.

In fact, and in the face of never-ending opposition, President Trump really did accomplish more in three-and-a-half years than the pathetic Obama/Biden tandem did in eight.  And over 75,000,000 supposedly thinking persons voted the man out of office.  Really quite hard for me to believe.

So now the United States faces four years of a guy leading their country who is obviously ill.  This man with diminishing cognitive abilities will be called upon to make decisions that impact the world and do so daily.  What has the United States done to itself?  They had a leader who was an alpha male. Yes, he was rough around the edges, a New York City mega property developer, but a lad who clearly had the best interests of his people at heart.  A guy who donated his salary to charity and unlike all of the others I have named in this blog, he had no desire to enrich himself on the backs of the people he represented.  How refreshing was that to see?

One last thing that really troubles me.  It did not seem to matter a hoot to the mainstream media, or the Democratic Party, that several members of the Biden family, including Joe Biden, were corrupt.  There was plenty of evidence to show that Biden, his brother and his druggy kid all benefited from utilizing Joe Biden’s role as Vice President of the United States (and for a few years after his departure) to make millions of dollars from China and other foreign powers.  Apparently, nobody, at least 75,000,000 people, gave a damn that the guy they were voting for was a self-indulgent crook.

God bless the United States of America. During the next four years, I am confident they will surely need it.