It Is 2023. Something Is Terribly Wrong with Our Society

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It has been a while since I wrote my last blog. The majority of my blogs focus on negative things that concern me, so I was waiting for something uplifting and positive to inspire my next blog.  For example, I could write about things that make me happy. However, other than seeing my grandchildren and watching them grow into interesting human beings, there is not a whole hell of a lot that really makes me happy these days. In fact, a bucket-full of things are going on in this world that makes me very concerned, downright sad, and really worried about the future of society as we know it.

Accordingly, I have decided to write a blog about those things that I believe are a precursor to very unhappy times. I’ll explore how we allowed our society to get to such a depressing stage, and who is responsible for turning common sense into one calamity after another. 

There is, unfortunately, a great deal to write about. I will comment on but a few.


I have spent a reasonable amount of time following politics in the United States, Canadian politics being too predictable, preordained, and boring. The Province of Quebec and the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) determine who Canada’s Prime Minister will be, and the rest of the country is, practically speaking, irrelevant.  Leaders of the federal Liberal Party are usually French Canadians (as is the population of Quebec) and the citizens of the GTA are supporters of the political party that gives these voters the most “free stuff.”  Quebec also enjoys receiving “equalization” payments from some of the so-called “have” provinces (Ontario, British Columbia but mostly, Alberta), a most unfair policy championed by the federal Liberal government without consultation with those provinces that are, by decree, required to send large sums of money to at least one Liberal stronghold.

The other important reality is that the mainstream media in Canada is almost entirely Liberal, a fact that plays a huge role in determining who shall be our Prime Minister.

In a barefaced, blatant effort to curry favour with the Canadian press, the Liberal government established a $600,000,000 fund for the struggling print media in Canada, an obvious conflict of interest.  What newspaper publisher in his or her right mind would criticize the Liberal government and, practically speaking, forgo their place at the trough of free money, especially now when newspapers in Canada are struggling financially?

The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation receives more than a billion dollars per year of taxpayer money. The CBC is very left-wing when it comes to politics, and practically speaking, who can blame the people who run the network for bowing to the wishes of its benefactor?

It has been apparent to me for a very long time that Canadian media is so far left in their reporting of the news that their credibility, at least in the minds of reasonable people, has been seriously compromised.

As a result of the constant bombardment of left-wing dogma, the chance of a non-Liberal Party government is slim, resulting in liberal, ultra-left-wing policies being enacted whether or not a large segment of the population outside Quebec and the GTA like them.

By any measure, how can this form of governance survive? At some point, the average person—people not feeding from the “trough” and who reject left-wing policies—will rise up and follow a leader who can eloquently express the disenchantment of a very large segment of our population and offer common sense, non-woke solutions to our problems.  In the meantime, one cannot help but feel that something is terribly wrong.

Corrupt Politicians

Politicians in the United States make their brothers and sisters in Canada look like pathetic amateurs when it comes to working the system and increasing their net worth in the process. 

The casual observer can’t help but notice people like Nancy Pelosi getting stinking rich through what is known as “insider trading” or Joe Biden’s family going from virtually nothing to the status of multi-millionaires as a result of crafty influence-peddling by his rather pathetic son, Hunter.

How did Pelosi use insider trading to create incredible wealth for her family? Well, as Speaker of the House of Representatives, she had unique knowledge of what laws would get passed and those that would not. She had incredible, unrivaled influence in this area. So, if a law was about to be passed that would dramatically help a company, she or her family members would buy that company’s stock before the announcement was made. Then, once the announcement was made public and the price of the stock increased, the family would sell the stock. If they invested in options, their profit would be substantially greater for the same amount invested.

In the reverse, if a hopeful piece of legislation would help a company and Pelosi knew that the legislation would not pass, the family could sell the stock short before the unhappy announcement was made and make a windfall profit.

If you or I did such a thing, we would be fined and put in jail.

What do you think the average, hardworking taxpayer in the United States thinks when they witness such corruption?  Where is the mainstream media? Other than Fox News, the mainstream media is pathetically silent about this awful abuse of power and influence. The result is that the average uninformed voter remains oblivious to this abuse of power and obvious illegality. This hardly seems right or proper to me.  I read newspapers and watch the news, and what Pelosi has done is just dead wrong. Yet she and her family get away scot-free after enriching themselves through illegal means without repercussion.

Joe Biden went from nothing to being a multimillionaire. He accomplished that feat from the time he became Vice President of the United States to the present.  How did this intelligence-challenged individual pull this off?

I don’t think Joe Biden believed he would ever be President of the United States—his Vice-Presidential role was going to be the pinnacle of his political career.  And then, out of the blue, Covid 19 struck and Joe, with the help of the left-wing media, became the 46th President of the United States.

However, for eight years he played second fiddle to an over-rated Black guy who had the ability to read a teleprompter and whose fellow citizens fell all over themselves to make him President and, as it turned out, not a very good one at that.

So, for eight years, Joe Biden saw an opportunity to feather his family’s nest.  After all, he had been in politics for around fifty years and was, by all accounts, a pauper compared to his fellow senators. Now was his chance to right this perceived wrong, so with the help of his son Hunter, he used his office to grant assistance and favours to foreign governments and corporations in return for cash—lots of cash.  In fact, the previously impoverished Joe Biden became a multi-millionaire, owning several really expensive homes and having a net worth that was, finally, something to be proud of. 

Something is terribly wrong.

Evil Has Become Synonymous with the Media

The loser of the 2020 election was, the media assured us, Donald Trump. However, Donald Trump was still alive and kicking and announced his intention to seek the Republican Party’s nomination for the 2024 presidential election. The left could not allow Donald Trump to have the chance to become President once again. Donald Trump was indicted in New York, Washington, Florida, and Georgia, with the help of some unintelligent, corrupt Democrat District Attorneys and a liberal hack Special Prosecutor.  A Special Counsel was appointed by the US Attorney General to investigate Donald Trump’s possession of classified documents, which he refused to return to the Federal Government claiming that as President he had the unfettered right to these documents.  Whether he did or didn’t, the US Department of Justice, in cahoots with the FBI, raided Trump’s home in the early morning hours and then released pictures to the compliant press of some of the documents these crime fighters discovered.  Subsequently, Jack Smith—a rabid left-wing idealogue who has had his hands slapped by higher Courts because of his prosecutorial overreach in other cases—was named the Special Prosecutor. Jack was not exactly impartial as he rushed to indict Donald Trump.

In my view, the really evil person is the US Attorney General, Merritt Garland.  Over and over again, he has shown himself to be a Democratic Party flunky, constantly doing the bidding of a cognitively impaired Joe Biden or, more probably, those in the background pulling Biden’s strings. In Garland’s case, what price integrity? History will have no choice but to treat Garland as the biased stooge he has made himself out to be.

Something is very wrong when the top justice official in the United States has been politicized to help ensure the persecution of his boss’ political rival by his Department of Justice. I ask again, what price integrity?

The 45th President of the United States, Donald Trump was subjected to fabricated stories, two foolish impeachments, and repeated, blatant lies by the slimy California Congressman, Adam Schiff. Schiff was supported by a corrupt Federal Bureau of Investigation, whose representatives bare-faced lied to a Federal Court to obtain authority to surveil a sitting President. Instead of rioting in the streets over this type of illegal, awful conduct, we get members of the mainstream media becoming enthusiastic cheerleaders for this illegality…and there are many other examples of similar criminal conduct by the left and their supporters.

Something is really wrong in the United States. If the decision-makers in that country are not careful, anarchy and violence could be at its doorstep. 

Out Of Control Lawlessness in Virtually All Major United States Cities

I know, like commenting on Indigenous matters in Canada, one is prohibited from criticizing Blacks in the United States, bullied into being silent on the obvious shortcomings of Black governance. Yet, the facts are impossible to ignore: Black mayors, Black prosecutors, Black Chiefs of Police, and a preponderance of minority criminals all contributing to the demise of just about every major US city.

Smash-and-grab anarchists destroy property to loot merchandise in broad daylight.  We have all seen examples of these criminal ventures on television news.  I ask you, are the thieves you have observed in the act of mayhem White boys and girls? They sure don’t look White to me.

However, the media—and charlatans like the Al Sharptons of this world—make excuse after excuse for these criminals. They vilify the police and demand their defunding, even though the majority of crimes are committed by Blacks against Blacks.  Prosecutors in at least one of the above-described jurisdictions have announced that they will not prosecute anyone caught shoplifting if the amount stolen is under $1,000.  A nonsensical decision by someone who swore, under oath, to enforce the law.

Thanks be to George Soros, an ultra-left multi-billionaire for funding the elections of prosecutors who campaign on being soft on crime. I can’t help but wonder if anyone has looked into the possibility of deporting Soros back to his native Hungary. He would certainly not be allowed to get away with what he has done to the US Judicial System in his country of birth. Viktor Orban, the present Prime Minister of Hungary, would simply not allow it.

Something is more than terribly wrong in the United States.

The Legal System in Both Canada and the United States

I do not believe it to be an overstatement to say that the left has hijacked our legal system. In my view, it clearly has.

Where did this start? Well, one merely has to Google the curriculum of virtually any mainstream Canadian law school to see what is being taught to young, aspiring lawyers. In the vast majority of these schools, professors are left-wing zealots who go about indoctrinating the same gullible, young people who look up to them. In fact, to oppose, criticize, or even question their views is akin to committing academic suicide. The easier, more practical route is to save one’s career by simply buying into the left’s gobbledygook.

What happens next is that these indoctrinated graduates join liberal law firms that embrace liberal causes and other politically correct movements (because liberal law firms tend to get lots of business from liberal governments), where often the legal fees are picked up by taxpayers, directly or indirectly.

For example, Indigenous lawsuits are launched to right past wrongs allegedly committed by white-skinned people against Indians, so we are told. Law firms line up to get legal work representing Indigenous land and other claims against the federal government.  Why do they want this kind of work?  Well, it has become a huge income generator for law firms.  Even though law firms are suing the federal government (really, you and me), their legal fees are paid for by the government (you and me).  What a perfect situation.  Sue someone and have the entity you are suing pay your legal fees.  What would be the incentive to try to come to a reasonable solution and settle the dispute? The Indigenous plaintiffs can hang in forever while the legal fees pile up.

There is, for example, one Ontario Indian Band suing the federal government on a land claim. So far, the legal fees have exceeded $30,000,000, paid for by you and me. Do you think for one moment that the lawyers representing this band want to reach a settlement?  Do you think for just an instant that the law firm wants what lawyers refer to as a “dripping roast” to end?  Not on your life!  The trick is to get the opportunity to represent an Indian band with some allegation of wrongdoing against white-skinned people or one or more levels of government. The lucky law firm then issues a Statement of Claim, regardless of how outrageous the claim may be. Then, they turn on the fee clock—up to $1,000 an hour—and hope the claim is never settled. In the unlikely event it is settled, in many situations, the plaintiff’s law firm gets a large percentage of the recovery as a contingency fee.

In reality, it is common for both the Plaintiff and Defendant (us) to be represented by Indigenous-friendly law firms, and neither firm has any real interest in seeing their files closed. After all, these lucrative files are hard to come by because the competition amongst law firms to get on this gravy train is fierce.  Why do you think major law firms hire nonlawyer ex-politicians and pay them really big bucks to bring in the gravy files? This is legalized larceny being committed in broad daylight.

What a gig!  What a rip-off of fellow innocent Canadians!  What a travesty!

Something is terribly wrong.

The Canadian Legal System Continued

Our Judicial system is broken and is a mess. Practically speaking, only very wealthy individuals and successful, large corporations can afford access to our Courts. Lawyers are charging north of $500 per hour, and that is perceived to be a deal.  A lawyer I know told me that if he needed legal representation, he could not afford to hire himself.

Although a lawyer will give you an hourly rate, they will charge a minimum amount (usually .6 of an hour) for every email, telephone call, or conversation with a colleague, allegedly about your file.  Hovering over the firm’s lawyers is a managing partner or office administrator, who keeps a keen eye on each lawyer’s billings. Should a lawyer not meet a quota, usually 5 or 6 hours per day, they’d better be able to explain why.  What this encourages is “time padding.”  Every lawyer pads their time as it is virtually impossible to bill a legitimate 6 hours per day, every working day. Any lawyer who says otherwise is a liar.

As a result of this time fudging and high legal fees, only the favoured few are able to litigate or defend a claim.  An individual going up against a wealthy shareholder-owned company does not stand a chance. The big boy litigant can out-last most individual litigants and they know it, so the modus operandi is to drag things out and do everything their lawyer can think of to delay an outcome and do so until the Plaintiff or Defendant, as the case may be, is so badly beaten up financially, they give in.

One would think that our judges, seized with the power to convey justice, would recognize the games being played by those with power, money, or both, but they do not seem to understand what a plaintiff with limited resources is faced with. The days of the sensible, practical jurist have been replaced with political appointees who, with their salary, pension, and other perks, think they have died and gone to lawyer heaven. The days of a government recruiting the very best lawyers to go to the Bench are, sadly, long gone, replaced by political party insiders and financial contributors.

The moral of the story is to avoid our Courts at all costs. They clearly do not work as advertised. Instead, litigation literally takes years to complete while our Courts inflict pain, upset, and terrible stress on those who come to them for justice.

I have a good friend whose company had a breach of contract claim. While he won eventually, eleven years elapsed after he had won at trial, won at the Court of Appeal, and won at the Supreme Court of Canada.  Based on the Court documents I read, the entire matter should have been determined at the Court of Appeal stage, but because one member of the Court agreed with the Defendant’s position, they went to the Supreme Court seeking leave to appeal. Fortunately, sanity prevailed, and leave was not granted. This was a pretty straightforward case from the beginning, but the trial Judge took two years following the conclusion of the trial to write just an eight-page judgment. Then one member of the Court of Appeal gave reasons that only made sense to him, giving the Defendant hope that the Supreme Court of Canada would agree with him.  What he did was in keeping with his shaky reputation as a jurist.  Time and high legal fees meant nothing to this guy, nor does it seem to make any impression on the average Justice, most of whom have little, if any, business acumen.

If citizens of a country are denied affordable, speedy justice, nothing remotely good can come from such a state of affairs.  Could our society be on the brink?

Something is horribly wrong with our Judiciary.

Gender Identification

This gender identification nonsense is a relatively new form of societal craziness that has been embraced by the left and the alphabet gang of loud-mouthed, petulant bullies.

Far too many of our elected officials give credibility to advocates of Drag Queen events geared toward young children and supported by elementary school administrators, and allowing biological men to compete in women’s sports. When this gibberish first raised its ugly head, it should have been slapped down immediately. Instead, the governing agencies and other quasi-official bodies of certain sports gave these nutbars credibility.  As the saying goes, they were “given an inch and they took a mile.”  So much so that the left, and the alphabet groups, have rapidly lost all credibility as the rest of society has started to push back and push back hard! One just has to look at the Bud Light fiasco to support that statement.

A spin-off of this craziness is the transgender movement, where very young children are being used as gender-changing Guinea pigs by their parents, school administrators, and some in the medical profession. The advocates of this buffoonery go so far as to encourage young boys and girls to ingest puberty blockers and to surgically remove body parts to give effect to the change of a child’s gender. Why are these abusers not prosecuted and put in jail? Why are their children not removed from their dangerous surroundings and afforded the protection of the state?  However, more and more jurisdictions are intervening with legislation that prohibits this awful child abuse.

In the meantime, can anyone credibly argue that everything is just fine with our society?

In conclusion, I’m confident that I have succeeded in identifying policies, institutions, groups, political parties, and individuals that are upsetting, dangerous, and hell-bent on destroying the society we have enjoyed for the past three-quarters of a century. Most people’s definition of “common sense” has been highjacked by two factions. First is the opinionated, dim, and downright evil media that seek favour with our political masters. Second is the ultra-liberal judiciary, populated by politically correct jurists plucked from the ranks of the indoctrinated legal bar associations, quietly and insidiously destroying a legal system that once was the main pillar of our democracy.

Educational systems advocate curriculums that, only a few years ago, would have put those proponents in jail as raving pedophiles. Indeed, these curriculums are now embraced by our educators, who do their very best to indoctrinate our children with what most believe is nothing short of a sickness being clandestinely taught behind parent’s backs.

Ultra-rich socialists utilize their bottomless pit of wealth to influence political outcomes at the most basic level of civic politics and governance, where anarchy seems to be both condoned and encouraged.

This is the society we find ourselves living in during the early 21st Century. This is a society in which people who normally embrace common sense and who should know better, are coerced and bullied into accepting nonsensical ideas supported and encouraged by the media. I have tried to show that nothing could be further from the truth.

As history will attest, reckless and dangerous ideas come and go. I am more than reasonably confident that those things I have identified as being “terribly wrong” with North American societies will, in the passage of time, be examined, debated, analyzed, and rejected out of hand. Ultimately, common sense will defeat nonsense.

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